Google Fi Intros Phone Subscriptions, $15/Month for Pixel 4a

Yolanda Curtis
October 24, 2020

You can cancel your device protection at any time, but if you do, your device won't be eligible for re-enrollment. For $15 a month you get an iPhone 4a, device protection, and the guarantee of a phone upgrade at the end of the two years (plus the 4a is yours to keep). You can find out more information or apply to subscribe via the Google Fi website. This will include device protection and also the ability to upgrade to the next handset after two years, which Google claims could save customers as much as $133 over the course of two years. This translates to a total of just $216 for the phone, which equals saving $133 as compared to paying $349 upfront price.

To put this price in perspective, if you just bought the Pixel 4a directly from Google and used Google financing to pay it off over two years, the monthly cost would be $14.54.

Google Fi has just launched a phone subscription plan that is actually a pretty sweet deal.

But the device protection feature is nice-it provides "device replacement or fix for damage from cracks, drops, spills and more (deductibles apply)"-and of course you do own the Pixel 4a after the payoff period ends, so you're free to keep using it or upgrade then". This means you will have to buy a Google Fi Flexible or Unlimited plan separately to make calls or use 4G LTE. If you are already a Google Fi subscriber, the phone subscription cost will be added to your monthly Fi bill, according to Google's terms for the subscription (Via: The Verge).

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