Flu Clinic Canceled Due to Vaccine Shortage

Henrietta Brewer
October 17, 2020

The flu vaccine protects you from seasonal influenza, not the coronavirus - but avoiding the flu is especially important this year.

To make it easier for people in Sullivan County, the Division of Public Health, Thursday, held its first-ever drive-through flu vaccination clinic.

Stay tuned to dcmedical.org and its social media channels for the latest updates in flu vaccinations.

How long can I expect a COVID-19 illness to last? The vaccine works by triggering your body to produce protective antibodies that help prevent the flu.

Health officials from across the Bay Area are asking the public to fight the flu by getting the annual vaccination for influenza right now.

In order to ease the burden on the health-care system that will be dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the flu season at the same time, doctors and the provincial health officer have urged British Columbians who want the vaccine to get it this year. More than half of those deaths were among people over age 65.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Louisiana Department of Heath recommend a yearly flu shot for everyone over 6 months of age.

Dr. Dee Hoyano of VIHA says health authorities distribute the vaccine as they receive it, so people may experience waits when they try to get a flu shot, but she says don't be put off by having to wait and ask for one now rather than later.

Healthcare workers. Baptist Health requires its employees to have a flu shot unless there are medical or religious reasons why the person can not be vaccinated. "The best way to stop influenza is to get the flu shot every year; the flu shot is safe and protects you from the influenza virus which causes a contagious respiratory illness".

A flu shot is especially crucial for people who may be at higher risk for serious complications.

Individuals who feel ill should call ahead before going to a doctor's office, local health department or urgent care to avoid exposing others.

Get the flu vaccine every year.

Clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with viruses that cause flu. And the flu vaccine isn't ideal but studies show if the vaccinated get sick, they don't get as severely ill. Not to mention on a personal level, catching both COVID-19 and the flu simultaneously could be devastating. Currently, it's too soon to tell how severe this flu season will be.

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