Fans are in an uproar over this Black Ops Cold War mode

Yolanda Curtis
October 26, 2020

In recent months, fans have gotten their fair share of its multiplayer modes and made its beta the most-downloaded in the history of the series. However, the actual content of the video showed off the PlayStation-exclusive Zombies Onslaught mode for Black Ops Cold War.

It's also worth noting that apart from this Zombie Onslaught, which has yet to be officially confirmed, all the other maps and zombie modes coming to Black Ops Cold War will remain available for all players on all platforms. For their efforts, those two players will earn exclusive rewards. Activision has today announced that the Cold War beta is now the most downloaded Call of Duty beta in history!

Judging by the like to dislike ratio seen underneath the trailer, it's clear that a lot of gamers aren't too pleased with the news. By the time the mode heads to other platforms, most will already be moving on to whatever next year's Call of Duty ends up being. It's a co-op mode for two players. Meaning that if you aren't playing on Sony's consoles, you'll have to wait a year to get your hands on the new mode. Each Season will bring new maps and rewards to Zombies Onslaught, though I'd expect it will rotate the existing multiplayer maps, rather than bringing in entirely exclusive Onslaught maps for PS players. Activision and PlayStation partnered up for Call of Duty since 2015, and has consistently given PlayStation users exclusive content or early access to things like DLC and betas.

Call of Duty: The beta version of Black Ops Cold War ended after a short extension on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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