Facebook Tests Nextdoor Rival 'Neighborhoods' in Canada

Yolanda Curtis
October 23, 2020

According to the statements echoed by SlashGear from Facebook, they affirm that "it is a dedicated space within Facebook for people to connect with their neighbors".

Facebook said that Neighborhoods now is live only in Calgary, Canada, where it is being tested before getting rolled out more broadly.

Social media consultant Matt Navara shared these screenshots on Twitter Facebook point new feature.

If the feature rolls out widely, San Francisco-based Nextdoor may have to deal with some serious competition.

Lunden added that the Neighborhood groups-different from traditional Facebook groups-are generated by Facebook, rather than being created and run by administrators, and they appear to be set up to open once enough people in the area express interest. Facebook has a history of copying competing products and tweaking them. We're asking and will update as we hear back.

As of now, Nextdoor operates in 11 countries, including the US. Users can create private profiles that share limited information with their neighbors, while Facebook itself uses the detailed location data it collects from registrants to provide more relevant ads. The feature is said to help make it easier for people to do this. You can change what gets seen in privacy settings. With this pretext comes the Facebook function called Neighborhoods.

Neighbourhoods is similar to hyperlocal social network Nextdoor, which said in May that its usage had spiked by up to 80% during the pandemic.

Another social network, Nextdoor, has demonstrated the feasibility of this model and is said to be pursuing an IPO with a valuation between $ 4 billion and $ 5 billion.

The application is designed so that you can connect with other close people.

Or, to complain: my own local group that I help admin did all of the above, but also a place for people to virtually hand-wring about the crowded (and illegal) festival atmosphere in the local park, and then to galvanize feedback and support, which helped us as a community present the problem to our local councilors to get the situation (sort of, finally) resolved.

Facebook advises users to keep the content on Neighbourhoods local, and tells them to save comments not directly related to their local area for other parts on Facebook.

That may not be a surprise.

Although this is a new outing for Facebook, hypersocial networking isn't really a new concept.

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