Apex Legends Game Mode Introduces Wall-Running

Yolanda Curtis
October 24, 2020

A few games are starting to introduce their Halloween events, and Apex Legends is no different.

The trailer shows a number of cosmetics. It is like any other trios match, but when players die they will be raised from the dead in a powerful Shadow Form to exact vengeance on their killers and help carry the squad to victory. Will they have the same price for all?

Will It Be the Old Kings Canyon Map?

A lot of the players are hoping that happens again since it would feature a popular location known as Skull Town. First featured in last year's Fight or Fright event, Shadow Royale is a limited-time game mode which will only be available for two weeks. Called Shadow Royale, the event isn't dissimilar to the normal game mode, except with the added bonus of players transitioning to their Shadow Forms once killed.

Earlier events have been launched at odd times, meaning Respawn could surprise everyone and have things kick off much sooner. The shadows were the players eliminated before the top ten.

Spooky season is upon us, and Respawn is bringing back a beloved event.

Numerous skins are recolors from last year's event, and even the Shadow Royale mode takes a lot of inspiration from Revenant's dark creation a year ago. The event required players to play Shadowfall and the regular battle royale mode.

October 27th - November 3rd: Dame of Death, Resurrected, Wicked Wraith, and Winged Beauty bundles.

Apex Legends is now in its last few weeks of Season 6.

Collection Events deliver a limited-time mode and event challenges where players earn cosmetics and a set of event limited cosmetics. Respawn has already revealed a little bit about the next legend after her appearance in some of the challenges.

New challenges are also promised, alongside some new and returning cosmetic skins for numerous game's roster of Legends including a Witch outfit for Wraith and a scarecrow getup for Bloodhound to name but two. Season 6 ends on November 10, 2020.

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