Among Us to fix hackers and server problems in next update

Yolanda Curtis
October 26, 2020

Among Us has been a target of an online spam hack, named 'Eris Loris.' To respond to the attack, InnerSloth has called for emergency maintenance last Friday.

Players of the popular video game have recently gotten in-game chats spammed with messages telling them to subscribe to a certain YouTube channel. The rapid spread of the spam attack in Among Us is in part due to help from volunteers who are contributing servers. The replies are a steady mix of those who're now playing bot-free, and many that aren't, so it's clear the studio still has a climb ahead of it. They further claim that the attack has affected 4.8 million Among Us players in total.

Among Us developers scramble to block massive'Eris Loris spam attack- The Verge
The Verge

Among Us creator InnetSloth took note of the issue on Friday stating that the team was working on fixing the hacking issue.

When someone gets this message, they will be booted out of the game. There is currently no public lobby to use, but players are encouraged to use the private lobbies and play with friends that they trust so that they would not be interrupted for now. "Bare with us!" InnerSloth had tweeted from its official account.

After that, Forrest Willard, one of the Among Us developers, made an announcement that they were updating the server. Amid the server updates, many users were booted mistakenly which had further caused distress among players. I'm using a faster method than I've done before, but it'll impact players more.

"Also worth nothing that the reason I didn't roll this update out sooner is that I was afraid of false positives: You totally might see the game think you're hacking when you're not".

Among Us, which suddenly gained popularity and dominated the game world with Fall Guys, can reach a point that annoys people with various tricks from time to time.

Hacking and several other forms of malfunctioning Among Us has increased considerably since it emerged as a famous online pastime during the corona time this past summer, according to some reports from Kotaku. Among Us has only captured more of the spotlight just the past few days, following a highly successful Twitch stream from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) alongside high-profile streamers to motivate voters to vote in the upcoming US election.

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