Vin Diesel's debut song is 'Feel Like I Do.' Yes, really

Carla Harmon
September 27, 2020

Vin Diesel has his own dance song. The answer may lie in the total gear shift of the Fast & Furious actor into dance music.

Fast and the Furious star Vin Diesel just temporarily hit the brakes on acting in order to release a new song.

Spaced out video panels on the set of Clarkson's NBC daytime talk show displayed the usual dancing audience members from their homes, a venue where Diesel felt "honoured" to host the first listen of his song.

Diesel worked with DJ Kygo on the track and he hailed the Norwegian producer for his time and patience.

This isn't necessarily the first time Diesel has shown off his deep, bass voice, most notably in 2015 when he sang "See You Again" in tribute to Paul Walker, and again in 2017 when he joined Kygo and Selena Gomez on "It Ain't Me".

Diesel also went on to say how grateful he was for being able to debut his music on Clarkson's platform. Vin Diesel is here to write the next chapter of the wild ride that is 2020. Regarding the million dollar question of whether a Fast & Furious musical could now be in the cards, Diesel joked to USA Today, "'Fast: "The Musical.' Yes, please. "As always, I hope to make you proud", he tells his 66 million Instagram followers.

Check out the new Vin Diesel song, "Feel Like I Do" below (I can't believe I'm even writing that). 2020 has certainly taken us to places never visited before. F9 ahora está programado para llegar a los cines el 2 de abril de 2021.

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