US Bolsters Military Deployment in Syria

Cheryl Sanders
September 21, 2020

The U.S. Department of Defense is deploying a small number of U.S. troops with M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to North-East Syria, according to U.S. Central Command.

A senior USA official said a half-dozen Bradley fighting vehicles and fewer than 100 additional troops were sent in to eastern Syria. There have been a number of escalating events this year between United States and Russian forces who guard in eastern Syria. The report said six Bradley fighting vehicles and almost 100 additional United States troops will be deployed to northeast Syria on a 90-day deployment.

A USA official said, "These actions and reinforcements are a clear signal to Russian Federation to adhere to mutual de-confliction processes and for Russian Federation and other parties to avoid unprofessional, unsafe and provocative actions in northeast Syria".

"These actions and reinforcements are a clear signal to Russian Federation to adhere to mutual deconfliction processes and for Russian Federation and other parties to avoid unprofessional unsafe and provocative actions in northeast Syria", another official told CNN.

Hours earlier than the recent deployment, US President Donald Trump insisted American forces had all however left the nation, telling reporters on Friday that "we're out of Syria", except "troops guarding the oil" - referring to US troopers embedded with native Kurdish militants occupying a variety of oil fields in japanese Syria.

The commander of US Central Command, which oversees all US military operations in the Middle East, said last week that Russia's behavior had improved following a series of high-level "de-confliction" phone calls between top US and Russian military leaders, including the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, and his counterpart, Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov.

Months later, he stated he had determined to maintain a number of hundred troops within the nation to guard oil wells.

Russian officials blamed the Americans for last month's crash, saying the US -led coalition had been notified in advance that a Russian convoy would be passing through the area and that the Americans attempted to block their path.

At a White House news conference Friday mostly focused on the response to COVID-19, mail ballots and efforts to revive the economy, Trump again highlighted his plan to withdraw US troops from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is economically and militarily allied to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, whom Trump reportedly wanted to assassinate in 2017. Trump campaigned on withdrawing troops from what he described as useless wars.

Also, less than a 100 people have gone there to manoeuvre them.

Nevertheless, "patrols are always conducted with out SDF partners", McKenzie said.

USA forces stationed in Eastern Syria were attacked in mid-August, but there were no casualties. "Other than that we are out of Syria". "The coalition forces remain steadfast in our commitment of ensuring the enduring defeat of Daesh".

About 500 US troops are serving at austere bases in an area in the country's northeast to aid Syrian Democratic Forces battling ISIS. "Therefore, our forces in Syria, we believe that we give them what they need to execute the missions that they've got and we pay keen attention to force protection as they do that".

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