Trump signs order banning oil drilling off Florida's Atlantic coast

Pablo Tucker
September 9, 2020

But his administration has overturned or weakened numerous regulations meant to protect air and water quality and lands essential for imperiled species.

"In a few moments I will sign a presidential order extending the moratorium on offshore drilling on Florida's Gulf Coast and expanding it to Florida's Atlantic Coast as well as the coast of Georgia and South Carolina", Trump said at an event in Jupiter, Florida.

He said, "With fracking, the shale revolution and the tremendous surge in American energy production, we're showing that we can create jobs, safeguard the environment and keep energy prices low for America and low for our citizens".

The Trump administration - which has spent much of its first four-year term working to expand USA oil and gas drilling and roll back Obama-era rules on pollution from fossil fuels - originally wanted to expand offshore drilling off many of America's coasts, including Florida.

President Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "a much more capable candidate" than Democratic nominee Joe Biden in an interview with WPEC. Trump arrived in Jupiter by motorcade.

Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti said Tuesday that Donald Trump's apparent strength with Latino voters is due to his focus on the economy. He withdrew the US from the Paris Climate Accord, a global agreement meant to address the emission of heat-trapping greenhouse gases. "To my administration, environmental protection is a sacred obligation". He lifted restrictions on oil and gas exploration in sensitive areas and shortened environmental reviews of construction projects such as highways and pipelines. Current EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, defended it last week in a speech commemorating the agency's 50th anniversary.

Stepien said the campaign will have more resources to spend than it had in Trump's 2016 victory and that "we're very comfortable and confident" in how money is now being spent and where.

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