Moderna reveals detailed plans for COVID-19 clinical trial

Andrew Cummings
September 19, 2020

Pfizer, the other American company currently carrying out Phase 3 trials in the USA, followed suit a short time later and there is now added pressure for the remainder to do the same.

There are now five leading vaccine candidates in phase-3 clinical trials.

He went on to clarify that as for when the vaccine will likely be available to the greater USA population, "we're probably looking at third. late second quarter, third quarter 2021".

The group further warns that even if the five potential vaccines turn out to be sufficiently safe and effective-an unlikely scenario-the coming year would still be marked by the public health crisis because 61% of the world's population would likely not have a vaccine until at least 2022. However, the company stated that it intends to make a profit from its vaccine and has therefore sold the options for all of its supply to rich nations.

Most attacks were carried out by hackers from China and Russian Federation, often from state organisations, but also by criminal organisations and universities who trade in hacked data, security sources said.

Therefore Oxfam and other similar organisations across the world are calling for a People's Vaccine, that can be availed by everyone and is free of charge being distributed fairly based on the requirement.

"Governments will prolong this crisis in all of its human tragedy and economic damage if they allow pharmaceutical companies to protect their monopolies and profits".

Volunteers would receive a second shot of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine within 21 days of the first shot.

"The Health Minister must respond now or he may have to answer to the people later on why Malaysia is last in the queue for the vaccines", he said.

The report emerged as drug companies around the world race to produce an effective jab to counter a virus that has now killed more than 940,000 people and infected 30 million.

Oxfam says if all five vaccines succeed, more than 5.9 billion doses will be available, enough for 2.9 billion people if each person gets two shots. No wonder the country is desperate to have a potent vaccine at the earliest. Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline are running a bit behind other companies in terms of clinical testing, but that doesn't mean they aren't ready to ink their own momentous supply deals.

The WHO scheme, called COVAX, wants to secure 2 billion doses by the end of 2021 and many countries, majority wealthy nations such as the United States, are in a race to ensure they have their own supplies of potential vaccines. The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology company made a decision to share its full trial design to create public confidence that it's doing everything it can to ensure a vaccine works and won't cause harm, said Chief Executive Officer Stephane Bancel.

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