Millie Bobby Brown addresses a possible sequel for Enola Holmes

Carla Harmon
September 28, 2020

Millie Bobby Brown, who has been widely praised for her performance as the teenage detective who lives in the shadow of her already famous older brother Sherlock, played by Henry Cavill, has said she's tempted by a follow-up. Enola happens to be the youngest sibling from the family and she is a very strong-minded girl.

Netflix's new film, Enola Holmes, asks us to see among the most well-known characters ever - Sherlock Holmes - via a unique lens.

Helena Bonham Carter plays Sherlock, Mycroft and Enola's mother, Eudoria Holmes, an off-beat mom who raises Enola in ways that differ from what 19th-century society teaches. This sets the stage for the rest of the film. So today we will discuss all we know about Enola Holmes sequel, its plot cast and storyline. Whereas Sherlock would prefer to leave Enola to her own devices, Mycroft is insistent that she be properly educated at a finishing school.

Enola continues speaking to the audience, sharing observations and her thought processes. At this fee, Enola Holmes seems to be set to dominate each the web dialog and the most-watched listing for the remainder of the month at the very least, till subscribers flip their consideration to all of the horror content material on the best way within the run as much as Halloween. This is reminiscent of recent trends of "Sherlock Holmes" as a visual medium where the audience is given a peek into Holmes' mind. Like any good detective movie, Enola goes on a harrowing journey to find her.

Even amongst her own family, there is more happening below the surface than Enola knows. She walks the fine line of Enola's character-someone who is confident and capable, yet at the same time doubting and scared. Unlike many period pieces, the movie also does not shy away from a non-white cast. The film has garnered a considerable fan base only in a couple of days. Enola has to escape from London and has to fight against her brothers by unraveling a mystery surrounding them. The fourth wall breaks and flashbacks with Eudoria add levity without detracting from the gravity of the film's darker moments. By the time the movie concludes, one finds themselves cheering Enola on and wishing that she just buys her own set of street clothes and pants.

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