Microsoft to purchase Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda

Yolanda Curtis
September 21, 2020

It will also bring Bethesda's titles to Xbox Game Pass - that's a big win for the cloud gaming service that is now being positioned as a major piece of Microsoft's gaming future.

Xbox owner Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of the video games studio Bethesda Softworks.

Microsoft has just dropped a bombshell, by announcing that it has acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks.

Bethesda is the publisher of games like The Elder Scrolls, Doom and Fallout and also has at least two games slated for debut next year. Over the years I've had many deep conversations with the creative leaders at Bethesda on the future of gaming and we've long shared similar visions for the opportunities for creators and their games to reach more players in more ways.

According to a post by Microsoft, with the addition of Bethesda, Microsoft will grow from 15 to 23 creative studio teams and will be adding Bethesda's iconic franchises to Xbox Game Pass. Schreier also notes that Obsidian and Bethesda are now sister studios, which finally puts Fallout New Vegas 2 on the table in an excitingly tangible way.

"Just as they took the bold first steps to bring The Elder Scrolls franchise to the original Xbox", he says.

In a year dominated by next-generation console releases, Microsoft's announcement today may be the biggest gaming news of 2020. Microsoft has also allowed a handful of its games to head to Switch - such as Ori and the Blind Forest - so Switch ports of Bethesda titles may continue.

With the console wars once again reignited ahead of both Microsoft and Sony's next-gen offerings in the coming months, Team Xbox have announced a major move that will see them become owners of one of the most recognizable game developers in the world, welcoming them in a press release on Monday, September 21.

Zenimax's key studios are building massively anticipated titles including The Elder Scrolls VI, a mysterious sci-fi title known as Starfield, Wolfenstein III, and more.

All of our work, and the foundation of our relationship with you, starts with a commitment to deliver a breadth of wonderful games to discover and play on Xbox. Zenimax was also building timed exclusives for PlayStation 5, in the form of Deathloop and Tokyo: Ghostwire, which will now presumably come to Xbox as well.

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