Israeli court sentences model Bar Refaeli for tax evasion

Carla Harmon
September 15, 2020

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL-An Israeli court sentenced leading version Bar Refaeli about Sunday to eight months of community support and sentenced her mommy into 16 weeks in prison, finishing a protracted tax evasion situation which had sullied the picture of a once-beloved federal icon.

In July, an Israeli court convicted the mother-and-daughter tandem for different tax evasion cases concerning the model's almost $10 million income.

According to the Daily Mail, Refaeli's plea bargain deal includes an order to pay $1.5 million penalties on top of the taxed she owes to the state.

The model and her mother were photographed at the courthouse wearing masks amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Still, she remains a popular TV personality and pitch-woman whose image is ubiquitous on highway billboards throughout the country.

The incident centered around Refaeli's residence over the years, when Refaeli traveled the world through a famous modeling campaign, topped the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and had a long relationship with a Hollywood actor. She even hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv.

BAR REFAELI, before CORONAVIRUS, publicly says that he is'drunk' and does not reveal himself with a retreat photo.

The prosecution denied her claim and accused her of providing incorrect tax information.

Israeli taxation law determines residency mostly upon whether the individual spent almost all of their calendar year from the nation. Refaeli insisted that he didn't, so he didn't have to declare income for a certain period of time. When the plea bargain became public news in June, her lawyers said it proved the model didn't intentionally evade tax. Refaeli's mother, who also acted as her agent, was charged with failure to report income, avoiding paying taxes and aiding someone else in evading tax payments.

Refaeli, now a mother of three and married to an Israeli businessman, had contended she was living overseas at the time and exempt from any Israeli tax bills. The indictment stated she signed rents for her daughter beneath the titles of other household members to obscure Refaeli's real residency position and refrained from announcing her own earnings because her daughter's representative.

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