Images of the "Chromecast with Google TV" leak out

Yolanda Curtis
September 21, 2020

According to leaked images published by XDA Developers, Google will opt for a friendly-looking pendant that hangs from the HDMI port at the back of your television - a little like the Chromecast. But that's just the beginning.

The upcoming Google streaming device is known to combine the two, which is changing the direction of the company's streaming efforts.

Content streaming is big business, but Google has so far only been a small player. The Chromecast is great, but access to the more powerful Android TV platform is much more limited due to its price. The aforementioned Nvidia Shield TV 9 starts at 149.99 and Android TVs tend to occupy among the premium layers of the market. The same caution and caution is required for Google's platform. In the meantime 4K Rogue Premiere The costs are just that.

Google has no direct rivals other than Cast, but this could depend on the next Google streaming device that is set to break through this barrier with a significant margin.

The new Chromecast dongle, which has gone by the code name "Sabrina" in various leaks over the past few months, will supposedly incorporate a revamped version of Google's Android TV platform, complete with a remote control (that would be a first for Chromecast), along with Nest alert overlays, a redesigned Google Assistant interface, and (of course) deep YouTube TV integration. Google's site needs the same care and attention. While we've had pretty solid leaks of this new streaming dongle up to this point, it turns out the new Chromecast wanted in on some fresh leak action in the lead-up to the actual event. Get that franchise, and the big G can make the most of its own services. This, coupled with the renamed, restored approach to streaming hardware, could bring immediate success. However, you do not want to use future Google Streaming devices for hawking various subscription services. Now it should be a key part of it. It's possible, but it's time to take it seriously, Google.

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