Google Launches TikTok Rival ‘YouTube Shorts’ in India

Yolanda Curtis
September 15, 2020

The video's length is limited to 15 seconds (like that's original), with the basic framework centred around 3 main areas-Create, Get Discovered and Watch. Sound familiar? Yes, we have yet another TikTok competitor, this time from Google, after Instagram expanded Reels from the U.S. to India as well.

Google's YouTube announced Monday that it is rolling out YouTube Shorts "is a new short-form video experience for creators and artists who want to shoot short, catchy videos using nothing but their mobile phones", according to a company blog post. In case you missed the headline, to compete with Instagram Reels, and a banned TikTok in India, YouTube is launching its own TikTok like addition to the platform-YouTube Shorts. The India-first feature includes a new camera and a few editing tools. India banned TikTok as well as dozens of other apps owned by China-based firms in June, citing national security concerns.

"Shorts" is launching a trial run in India, a country that quickly adopted TikTok as a go-to social media hub. Shorts will be initially available within the regular YouTube app on Android, but the company says it will also be available on iOS soon.

Google's parent company Alphabet was one of a number of companies reportedly interested in taking stake in TikTok. If you see Create a short video then you have access to the Shorts camera, which has features like stringing multiple video clips, speed controls, times, and adding music to clips.

It also has an option to record with music from a library of songs which Google promises to expand in the future.

Mr Jaffe said Shorts would be expanded to other markets as the product becomes more refined and new features were added.

The company will be adding the icon to create YouTube Shorts in the center of the homepage of the app with a Plus icon to give it more prominence.

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