GoFundMe campaign for owner of Nancy Pelosi’s salon raises nearly $128Okay

Cheryl Sanders
September 15, 2020

Kious denied that she set up the Speaker and also denied releasing the video to make a political statement.

Kious said the negativity has made her hesitant to return to San Francisco, where she has lived for the past 15 years.

"I trusted that", Pelosi later said of the promise that it was legal for her...and nobody else to get her hair done. "I do have a lot of positive calls and messages from clients but other than that, nothing but negativity".

The fundraiser was set up for Kious when she came forward saying she was the target of threats and would need to move her business after releasing video of Pelosi breaking local ordinances related to coronavirus in her salon.

The money will also be used toward expenses for relocation and reopening business in another area and put the Pelosi salon visit controversy behind her.

A fundraiser arrange for the embattled owner of the salon the place Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi had her hair achieved has raised nearly $128,000 of its $300,000 objective as of Friday morning.

The stylist who took the appointment lawyered up himself last week and claimed that Kious OK'd the appointment after a string of invective about Pelosi and Democrats keeping businesses like hers closed during the pandemic.

San Francisco beauty parlors weren't supposed to open until September 1, the day after the speaker had her treatment.

Pelosi, meanwhile, has accused Kious of a "set up". On Sunday prior to Pelosi's appointment, Kious received the news that the Speaker of the House would be coming in the following morning. I don't wear a mask when I'm washing my hair. "I take responsibility for falling for a setup by a neighborhood salon I've gone to for many years". Do you wear a mask when you're washing your hair? She herself said that not wearing a mask is immoral. If the President died today and the vice president died tomorrow, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, by succession would become President of the United States. She is now afraid to run her business.

"The fact that Ms. Kious is now objecting to Speaker Pelosi's presence at eSalon, and from a simple surface-level review of Ms. Kious" political leanings, it appears Ms. Kious is furthering a set-up of Speaker Pelosi for her own vain aspirations, ' the statement read.

"Nancy Pelosi, you ought to apologize to the American people", White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany added during a September 3 briefing as she played video of Pelosi in the salon.

'Ultimately, Ms. Kious authorized Mr. DeNardo to proceed with Speaker Pelosi's appointment, ' it added.

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