First Major Microsoft Flight Simulator Update Will Overhaul Japan

Yolanda Curtis
September 27, 2020

At the Xbox Tokyo Game Show, Microsoft revealed a load of aspects regarding Xbox in the nation - including an update to Microsoft Fligth Simulator.

The big news for PC fans though was in relation to the Japan free world update for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This one is all about Japan and gives the country a huge overhaul to make for a more pleasant visiting experience.

Beyond the national refresh, which pledges to deliver a higher-definition look at "Japan's proud buildings, nature, and culture", multiple specific locations around the land of the rising sun will get an headquarters overhaul. Six airports - Hachijojima south of Tokyo, Kerama and Shimojishima in Okinawa, Kushiro in Hokkaido, Suwanosejima in Kagoshima, and Nagasaki - will be upgraded with detailed models. These are evident in the new trailer that introduces several new buildings and locations including cultural sites like Himeji Castle and Miyajima's Itsukushima Shrine and its famed "floating" torii gate. While virtually every airport in Japan was already in the game, very few were of the handcrafted type. This may seem like a odd choice, because Japan has not traditionally been very enamored with Xbox. It will update the digital elevation map for the entire country. These included confirmation of the release date for Xbox Series X and S in Japan and when Project xCloud will be available there.

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