County adds 76 new COVID-19 cases over the weekend

Cheryl Sanders
September 15, 2020

Whitley County has 53 active cases, including five people isolated in the hospital, and 48 isolated at home. A total of 197 cases have been released from isolation.

To date, 6,208 Angelenos have died from COVID-19, and more than 18,000 have been hospitalized since the spring.

109 new cases have been detected in the past 24 hours. The figure may include out-of-state residents who are hospitalized in New Mexico.

Clark County added 76 new COVID-19 cases over the past three days and no new deaths, according to the latest data from Clark County Public Health. There are now 2,023 net active cases in the county.

The state didn't report any deaths Tuesday last week either.

In total, according to the World Health Organization, there have now been 28,637,952 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 917,417 deaths. Since June 9, there have been an additional 658 cases reported there, according to the Laurel County Health Department. The county has 522 positive COVID-19 cases.

There have been no further deaths and 208 new cases associated with the coronavirus in Ireland.

As of September 8, a total of 4,361 COVID-19 tests had been performed in Knox County.

Union College reported no new COVID-19 cases Monday involving students, or no new cases involving staff.

"The decreasing number of daily hospitalizations is an important indicator because it is an accurate representation of how many people are now seriously ill from the virus", health officials wrote in a news release. As of Monday, eight students are now listed as recovered.

There are now 246 people in hospitals with COVID-19 related complications, of which 90 people are in intensive care units.

Bell County now has 32 active cases, including: 8 individual cases and 24 active long-term care cases. 11 through Sep. 13. All of Bell County's COVID-19 fatalities have ranged in age from 62-97. 111 McCreary County cases are classified as not contagious or no longer isolated.

No further deaths have been announced this evening.

Breakdown of cases by zip codes includes: 275 cases for Sidney (45365), Anna (45302) 52 cases, Botkins (45306) 20 cases, Conover (45317) three cases, Fort Loramie/Newport (45845) 40 cases, Houston (45333) 18 cases, Jackson Center (45334) 21 cases, New Bremen (45869) one case, New Knoxville (45871), two cases, Maplewood (45340) 10 cases, Minster (45865) 18 cases, Pemberton (45353) one case, Piqua (45356) 11 cases, Port Jefferson (45360) three cases and Russian Federation (45363) 47 cases.

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