AstraZeneca-Oxford Resumes Vaccine Trial After A Pause

Andrew Cummings
September 14, 2020

In Phase III, the drug is given to many people to study its effectiveness and safety.

According to a World Health Organization site that tracks vaccine progress, there are now 169 Covid-19 vaccine candidates under development, with 26 in the human trial phase.

On the time lines and people involved in the trials, she explained, "If you look at some of the clinical trials that are enrolling today, they have a sample size of anything from 30,000 to 60,000 and usually half of them are given the vaccine and the other half are given a placebo".

Clinical trials of the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine will resume after they were paused on September 6th due to unexplained neurological symptoms in a participant.

"There are over 300 candidate vaccines for COVID-19, with many in more advanced stages of development than Russia's Sputnik V".

Somani had issued a show cause notice to SII earlier this week asking it to explain why the permission to conduct trials should not be suspended unless patient safety is established.

Zayed said on Friday in remarks to the media that the two vaccines belong to a leading Chinese company in the field of vaccine manufacturing, but did not name the company. It's a blinded study so that the participants and the doctors don't know who has received what. T-cells are crucial for maintaining protection against the virus for years.

A total of 10 medical institutes have been selected for the pan-India vaccine trial. The Tongi Hospital in Wuhan is also the hospital associated with the trails of this vaccine.

One of these is the vaccine being trialled at the university along with AstraZeneca and is among the most promising candidates in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

The news that the vaccine trials have restarted will be welcomed across the world since global vaccination sites in Brazil, South Africa and the U.S. had to be put on hold last week. Out of the nine vaccines that are in Phase 3, four are from China.

AstraZeneca's vaccine uses a monkey adenovirus that shares a gene with the Covid-19 coronavirus - a platform that hasn't been subjected to any long-term studies.

After vaccination, this protein is produced inside the human body, which primes the immune system to attack the coronavirus if the person is later infected.

"They are starting to manufacture those doses already ahead of approval so that should approval come through, and it's still not certain, but it is looking up.then we're ready to roll out", he said. After this, on September 9, Serum also stopped his trial after DCGI's objection.

Russian Federation announced last month that its vaccine, named "Sputnik V" after the Soviet-era satellite that was the first launched into space in 1957, had already received approval. On August 11, it became the world's first vaccine to get officially registered by a government.

The CoronaVac is a vaccine which is being developed and produced by a private Chinese firm, SinoVac Biotech.

Talking about the development, UK's Secretary of State for Health Matt Hancock wrote on Twitter, "Good news for everyone the Oxford vaccine trials are back up and running". The Phase III trial of this vaccine was launched in July and is presently underway in Brazil and Indonesia. The vaccine is likely to be made available if positive outcome is reached in the Phase III trials by early next year.

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