Alleged Windows XP source code leaked, spread on 4chan

Yolanda Curtis
September 28, 2020

Windows XP might be out of circulation but its remaining user base might want to consider upgrading soon, as there are reports of the 19-year-old source code leaking online.

This isn't the first time Windows source code has leaked online: Full or partial source code dumps for Windows NT 3.5, Windows 2000, and Windows 10 have leaked at different times in the past, as has the source code for the OS for the original Xbox console and the Xbox Series X graphics system. The total collection reportedly weighs in at 43 GB and has been posted as a torrent on 4Chan.

The torrent also includes a media folder containing a weird collection of conspiracy theory videos about Bill Gates. The files were circulating privately for years, according to the leaker, but are only becoming publicly available now - and they include some early work on Windows XP.

One version of the code leak also includes code for MS DOS, Windows CE, Windows Embedded and Windows NT, although those aren't believed to be new leaks. This isn't definitive confirmation that the source code is definitely Windows XP and company, however, so we wait with our hat in hand for true verification.

While no other specifics were provided, Microsoft just said in a statement for Thurrott that it's investigating, and it's of course unknown if the company would ever return with more information on the matter.

BleepingComputer will not be sharing links to the leaks.

For the uninitiated, source code is a set of human-readable instructions of a program before it is compiled. This is very worrisome for the 1.26% of computer users that still have Windows XP worldwide (including Vladimir Putin) and the trouble may extend to other operating systems.

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