Wilford Brimley Dead - 'Cocoon' Actor & Face of Quaker Oats Dies at 85

Carla Harmon
August 2, 2020

Wilford Brimley, best known for his supporting roles in "The Firm", "Hard Target", and "Cocoon", has passed away at the age of 85. The actor was allegedly sick for days before succumbing to illness in his home on Saturday morning. The mustachioed Brimley was a familiar face in a number of roles, like his grizzled baseball manager in The Natural opposite Robert Redford's bad-luck phenomenon. Brimley is best known for his role in Cocoon, where he was one of a group of older adults who discover aliens and gain youthful rejuvenation from them.

Brimley was also recognizable to many as a longtime pitchman for Quaker Oats and medical supplier Liberty Medical.

"Wilford Brimley was a man you could trust", Bensky said in a statement. He had a tough exterior and a tender heart.

Barbara Hershey, who met Brimley on 1995's "Last of the Dogmen", called him "a wonderful man and actor".

His big-screen credits include "Cocoon", "The Natural" and "The Firm", in which he portrayed a law firm's security chief who's keeping an eye on a young lawyer played by Tom Cruise. He also had roles on several television shows including "The Waltons".

He is survived by wife Beverly and three sons. In 2018, the website Diabetes Daily proclaimed him "Mr. Diabeetus".

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