United Kingdom coronavirus death toll rises by 89

Cheryl Sanders
August 6, 2020

The UK coronavirus death toll has increased by 89, according to government figures.

Meanwhile a further 670 people were confirmed to have the virus in the 24-hour period to 9am on Thursday.

There were 217 deaths registered in the week ending July 24 involving Covid-19 - accounting for 2.4 per cent of all deaths.

"The number of deaths in the home setting is nearly 40% higher than the total number registered with Covid-19 in any setting over the last six weeks".

A Covid-19 self testing kit.

Separately on Tuesday data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed weekly coronavirus deaths have fallen by more than quarter within seven days.

These are deaths registered in the United Kingdom where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, including suspected cases.

Northern Ireland and Scotland have not seen any deaths for three weeks, whilst Wales recorded three, and England confirmed there had been five deaths, which is the lowest increase since 23 March.

The number of deaths in care homes and hospitals was also below the five-year average, but the number of deaths in private homes remains above it, with 727 more deaths during the week.

Most of the new cases and deaths overnight were in Victoria's capital city, Melbourne.

It comes after Victoria recorded its deadliest day on Wednesday, with 15 fatalities, including that of a man in his 30s, and a record 725 new cases.

Deaths that would have happened naturally in the second half of 2020 - of people in very old age or with advanced pre-existing medical conditions - are likely to have been pulled forward into the first half of the year by Covid-19.

The overall number of excess deaths in the United Kingdom since the coronavirus outbreak began has fallen by almost 1,500 over the past six weeks, new figures show.

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