Ukraine police detain man who took hostage in Kyiv bank

Cheryl Sanders
August 4, 2020

Police detained a man who allegedly threatened to set off an explosive device at a bank in Ukraine's capital and demanded to speak with journalists Monday.

"The terrorist was captured alive". He then asked them to call the police. Police began negotiations with the terrorist and offered that he surrender.

For the moment, there are no victims to regret since the vice minister assured that only the director remains, of his own free will, within the branch, and that the rest of the workers have left the building without major problems.

The suspect wanted to give interviews to journalists - a request granted by the authorities when they allowed reporters to enter the building. Officials confirmed after the man was arrested that he did in fact have explosives.

According to the Ukrainian government, a man in his 35s is locked up with a bomb in his backpack at a branch.

He also referred to the comedian-turned-president Volodymyr Zelensky as a "jester".

It was the third such incident in recent weeks.

The hostage was released unharmed. Last month, a man carrying explosives took 13 passengers hostage on a bus in the western city of Lutsk.

A few days later in the city of Poltava, a criminal suspect brandishing a hand grenade forced a senior police officer to drive him for hours through the countryside.

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