Trump Bid to Move US Election Impossible Without Constitutional Amendment

Andrew Cummings
August 1, 2020

A journalist was also forced to correct the Democratic politician for misstating the city set to host the Republican National Convention, in the latest in a series of Biden brain freezes. But, for the sake of democracy, even an ageing Joe Biden would be a saviour of covenants with freedom.

"If it takes a few more months, then so be it", Falwell said in an interview, raising the prospect of limiting the president's powers if the delay extends beyond his first term. They reassured voters that the election would proceed on the constitutionally mandated day as it has for more than two centuries.

Before departing Washington, Trump again falsely claimed that Biden supports defunding the police.

Reeves encouraged Trump to embrace a reelection message focused on his ability to revive the nation's economy, a familiar suggestion from frustrated Republican officials, though the president has shown little interest in adopting a consistent message.

"Your choice is me or somebody that has no clue what they're doing", Trump told them.

People wait in line outside of a COVID-19 testing site in Florida. Trump has also said foreign countries could send fraudulent ballots, which intelligence officials have dismissed as a threat. "You know nothing about what I do".

The president addressed a range of issues at the event about the hurricane and the pandemic, even touching on his promised health care plan.

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At a later White House press briefing on Thursday, Trump defended his tweet.

Our enthusiasm for Biden grows daily as we learn of his smart plans to "Build Back Better" - to start repairing the damage Trump has inflicted on workers, families and the middle class. The president, however, has previously suggested a forthcoming replacement plan without delivering.

It was a rare rebuke for Trump from his fellow Republicans but one that might not last. Many states expect to be scrambling to process millions more in November.

"There's a very good feeling", Trump insisted. The suggestion was immediately criticised by leaders of the opposition Democratic Party.

In a break with some of Trump's previous tweets, many high-ranking Republicans disagreed with the president's tweet. Annette Taddeo of Miami, a Biden supporter. And that is certain to get worse in November.

"Election Day was fixed by a federal law passed in 1845, and the Constitution itself in the 20th Amendment specifies that the newly elected Congress meet at noon on January 3, 2021, and that the terms of the president and vice president end at noon on January 20, 2021".

While Trump may be struggling three months before the election, his campaign points to its organizational advantages and suggests that the pandemic outlook is improving.

But haven't states delayed their elections?

Nick Trainer, the campaign's director of battleground strategy, predicted that the coronavirus situation would ultimately become an asset for Trump's reelection. Biden's campaign is increasingly concerned that pro-Russian sources have already shared disinformation about Biden's family with President Donald Trump's campaign and his Republican allies on Capitol Hill created to hurt the Democratic candidate in the days leading up to the election.

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