Trump announces 10 per cent tariff on Canadian aluminum

Andrew Cummings
August 7, 2020

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced he had ordered a 10 percent tariff on Canadian aluminum be reimposed, saying America's key trading partner was flooding the USA market with the metal.

Trump made the announcement of an executive order imposing the tariffs on Thursday in a campaign speech at a Whirlpool factory in Ohio.

The Trump administration originally imposed tariffs on a range of Canadian aluminum and steel in the summer of 2018, sparking a tense trade war.

"Canadian aluminium producers have broken that committment", he said.

The two sides agreed to lift the tariffs a year ago.

The White House is arguing that Canada vastly increased exports of aluminum to the United States after the tariffs were lifted, harming domestic aluminum production.

Canada supplied about three-quarters of all the aluminum imported into the USA between January and May of 2020, said the executive order implementing the tariff on "non-alloyed unwrought aluminum".

Myron Brilliant, head of global affairs for the industry group, told Reuters the move was "a step in the wrong direction" and the measures are opposed by U.S. aluminium manufacturers.

As part of a 2019 agreement lifting the measures, the U.S. and Canada said they would monitor imports and, if a country is determined to be buying in too much, one of the other nations could request a consultation and potentially reimpose tariffs.

"These tariffs will raise costs for American manufacturers, are opposed by most USA aluminum producers, and will draw retaliation against US exports - just as they did before".

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned against implementing new tariffs on aluminum last month, arguing that the United States "doesn't make almost enough aluminum to be able to cover its needs, particularly at a time where we want the economies to get going again across North America".

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