Tom Cruise landed $200M movie in space with script-free Zoom call

Carla Harmon
August 2, 2020

Sources said that the big-budget film signed over a zoom call with Tom Cruise, writer-director Doug Liman, his frequent collaborator Christopher McQuarrie, and producer.

Cruise is now focusing on Mission: Impossible 7 and has been reported to be developing a VIP village in Oxfordshire to make a coronavirus-free zone that will allow filming to restart.

What did Universal Pictures execs require to commit to liftoff of the first ever narrative feature film to shoot in outer space? He has set the connection of the filmmakers to NASA.

Liman, on the other hand, who worked with the actor on American made and the edge of tomorrow is now working on writing the script and the plot and adventure of the film. Don't expect Cruise and Liman to lose their nerve. While space might actually be the safest place to film in at the moment in terms of sanitation, the cast and crew of the movie will have to be properly trained in order to be ready to work in a zero-gravity environment, and that will add many more steps to the process of getting the film made. Till date Avatar is the most expensive movie which is around $240 million.

Cruise, who is known for doing his own stunts, including climbing the outside of the 123-storey Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai, then doing an action scene at the top. Cruise and Liman were seen together seeing Musk's SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch in Florida at the beginning of this year.

It is the first public-private collaborative project to send astronauts into space. That's basically what pitching a movie with Tom Cruise in the lead is like. Now slowly, everything is getting back to normal because of the uplifting of lockdown, so the shot of the movies also resumed.

Space film will have unprecedented pre-production that will include training to deal with space travel, but I do not know if these people will be serious and hopeful in the near future. However, we will have to wait for the updates to be given by the filmmakers.

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