Telstra home internet down

Yolanda Curtis
August 2, 2020

A cyber attack against Telstra has caused a mass internet outage across Sydney and Melbourne on Sunday morning.

A denial of service attack floods a network with traffic or information to trigger a crash, denying legitimate users access.

Telstra is now having issues with some home internet connections with many Shepparton residents reporting their service is down.

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are the main outage hotspots.

Updates: We've identified the issue and working on it.

Many expert users have reported the outage relates to Telstra's DNS servers.

Some guidance for this can be found online, however those uncomfortable making this change should await Telstra's own fix for the problem.

The telco said a widespread internet outage, believed to have been caused by a denial of service (DoS) cyber attack, had caused significant disruption.

"Your info isn't at risk", the company tweeted.

"We're really sorry for getting in the way of your weekend plans".

The issue was resolved about 2.30pm.

Telstra have said they have blocked "the malicious traffic attacking some of our services" and are working to get clients back up and running again.

Customers that switched their DNS to the likes of Google's were able to get back online.

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