Norris to run British GP helmet designed by a six-year-old

Ross Houston
August 2, 2020

Lando Norris says the physical pain that surfaced in Austria had eased considerably in Hungary and will likely have subsided for this weekend's British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The fan's name, Eva Muttram, is also written at the bottom.

Lando is now fighting hard in F1 to become a world champion, now sat in fourth place in the standings after some phenomenal races in Austria and Hungary, but will be looking for his second podium finish when he races on home turf at Silverstone on August 2.

On Thursday Norris revealed the winning scheme, which was designed by six-year-old Eva.

Speaking before the season, Norris stated his intention to race with a different helmet design at every race.

Drivers were previously prevented from making any more than two sizeable changes to their designs each season, but that rule was lifted for this year.

Ahead of the August 2 British GP, though, Lando made a decision to just have a chat with his audience and unveiled a new helmet with a pretty unique design.

"This is the victor".

"She created this for my design competition and it just reminded me a lot of when I was younger scribbling away coming up with some cool things, it's just super original", he wrote on social media.

"I like the colours, and it's very original. All this glitz and glamour and sparkly bits and swooshes and cool stuff, I just went with something that reminded me of me when I was young".

Lando has always been one to rock the boat a little with his helmets, using designs that you might not often see other drivers donning, such as the one he used in the Mexican GP in 2019. "Hungary was much better already than the Red Bull Ring race - round two". "Eva is six years old, her dad sent in her design".

Norris, who was voted 2019's rookie of the year, is now third in the drivers' championship.

But his skills in gaming on stream are certainly matched by his exploits in an F1 vehicle.

He followed that up with a fifth-place finish the following week which has left him fourth in the F1 standings - ahead of the likes of Alex Albon and Charles Leclerc.

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