Melbourne police 'assaulted and baited' over lockdown rules

Cheryl Sanders
August 6, 2020

"During that scuffle, this 38-year-old woman smashed the head of the [26-year-old] policewoman several times into a concrete area on the ground".

Two female police officers approached the maskless woman, 38, Monday night in Frankston, a suburb of Melbourne, to question her about why she wasn't wearing the face covering, reported.

In one such incident that went out of control, a woman in Australia allegedly smashed a police officer's head onto a concrete slab after being asked why she wasn't wearing a face mask.

The Premier said the 26-year-old police officer had been concussed in the alleged assault.

Mr Patton said the policewoman had been attacked in a shopping centre after stopping a woman for not wearing a mask.

Young officer when got head hit she became unconscious for a while.

The woman was taken to a police station, charged with assaulting police, recklessly causing injury, two counts of assaulting an emergency worker, two counts of resisting an emergency worker on duty and refusing to state her name and address.

Mr Patton said she was bailed to face court at a later date due to no prior criminal history.

Premier Daniel Andrews stated that the behavior of the woman was shameful.

Melbourne has recently mandated wearing masks and tightened a stay-at-home order to reduce transmissions.

A Victorian police officer has been taken to hospital after a frightening encounter with a person in Melbourne.

Mr Patton said the attack on the policewoman "highlights the type of challenges that we're experiencing", adding that people were "baiting" police at checkpoints and refusing to disclose basic information.

"Those doorknocks. You're expected to be found at home". We want you to stay at home.

She said another person made a decision to go for a drive because the were bored.

The secretary of the police union said that the incident showed how police were getting tested by people who are not obeying the coronavirus or COVID-19 restrictions.

A spokesperson from the Victoria Police Association called the attack "disgusting" and went on to say: "People have to absolutely understand, there are consequences for your actions, and if you're not doing the right thing, we will not hesitate to issue infringements, to arrest you, to detain you where it's appropriate".

Another man, from Apollo Bay, was caught in the Macedon Ranges on his way to visit a friend in Mildura, while three men were busted breaching the curfew on their way home from a fast-food outlet in Roxburgh Park. She and many others are sacrificing their safety for our safety, ' the post read.

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