Lamborghini reveals limited edition Essenza SCV12

Yolanda Curtis
August 1, 2020

From the carbon fiber monocoque and the adjustable aerodynamics to the structurally integral gearbox, everything about the Essenza SCV12 was engineered expressly for speed by Lamborghini's motorsports division.

With the added hybridised power bump (up nearly 70kW from the 'normal' Aventador SVJ), and subsequent added weight of batteries; the SCV12 boasts a new-generation carbon fibre monocoque which was developed to comply with FIA prototype safety rules, without the need for an internal rollcage.

That V12 motor, for example, is 11hp more potent than the hybrid powerplant of the Sian, sans turbochargers, superchargers or anything else which might sap its purity. The power-to-weight ratio? An exceptional 1.66 horsepower/kg. In a naturally aspirated vehicle.

All the power available is handled by a new X-trac sequential six-speed gearbox as a structural element within the chassis while the exhaust pipes were designed by Capristo to reduce the back pressure, improving performance and emphasizing the unique sound of the engine. So it's a track weapon that doesn't need a roll cage but meets FIA's prototype safety regulations.

The panorama is completed by specific slick Pirelli tires mounted on magnesium rims (19-inch front, 20-inch rear), which frame the brake discs and calipers developed by Brembo Motorsport.

"The aerodynamics benefit from Lamborghini Squadra Corse's GT racing experience to ensure efficiency and higher downforce levels than a GT3 auto, with a value of 1,200 kg at 250 km/h".

The Lamborghini SCV12 is a hyper vehicle that is built for the track. This separates the hot airflow out of the radiator and pushes cold air up to the rooftop scoop. Swelled side intakes also ensure substantial cooling effect from the incoming air, while also adding a whole lot of extra muscle to the Essenza's somewhat familiar form. "Essenza SCV12 is the ultimate expression of the V12 naturally aspirated engine, the symbol of our brand since 1963", says Maurizio Reggiani, Chief Technical Officer of Automobili Lamborghini.

It has a multifunction steering wheel with display was inspired by F1 single-seater steering wheels to offer the best ergonomics and a flawless feel, without the driver needing remove their hands from the rim. There's plenty of Lambo flair amongst all the functionality.

Lamborghini on Wednesday revealed the V12-powered, track-only hypercar Essenza SCV12 in limited editions of 40 units. Tutorship will be given by five-time 24 Hours of Le Mans victor Emanuele Pirro and factory Lamborghini driver Marco Mapelli. No excuses for missing those apexes, then.

Mitja Borkert, Head of Lamborghini Centro Stile. The program includes storage service in a new hangar built in Sant'Agata Bolognese. Owners can even keep check of their baby via a webcam feed, accessed via an app.

Certainly, this is a serious offering for a serious auto; as such, we're expecting the total price to amount to something really rather serious, too. For those who can afford one, Lambo expects to deliver its first Essenza SCV12s in time for them to hit the track in 2021.

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