Hyundai IONIQ EV Brand Announced, 3 New Models In The Pipeline

Andrew Cummings
August 10, 2020

The current Ioniq model comes in EV, PHEV and hybrid versions and will carry on separately from the Ioniq brand with the current models: Ioniq Hybrid, Ioniq Plug-In and Ioniq Electric.

The three Ioniq electric vehicles carry Hyundai's hopes of dominating the EV space in the years to come. Starting next year, the Korean carmaker plans to launch a range of models including all-electric SUVs and a sedan under this brand. It is based on the concept EV 45, which Hyundai unveiled at the International Motor Show (IAA) 2019 in Frankfurt.

There aren't a lot of details surrounding these three new models but all of the next-generation Ioniq models will utilise Hyundai's Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), that is said to offer high-speed charging and "plentiful" driving range.

Under the new brand, Hyundai claims it will offer its customers electric vehicle experiences centered on connected lifestyle solutions.

Fortunately, Ioniq won't be complicating things with odd names for its upcoming cars. While Ioniq 6 is expected 2022, it is Ioniq 7 that will be the biggest highlight by the time 2024 arrives, thanks to the large SUV's striking design elements.

The Ioniq now sells as a fastback electric auto as well as with a hybrid (HEV) and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) drivetrain in Australia, although the pure electric form has proven the preferred version for consumers, selling more than double all HEV and PHEV models combined.

Hyundai wants to lead the electric vehicle charge by example but may have - much like many established players - lost quite some ground to Tesla.

Auto Express understands that Ioniq will not become a standalone marque, as Hyundai has done with its premium sub-brand, Genesis. Hyundai has not mentioned where the IONIQ models will be manufactured as yet.

Hyundai Motor Group also highlights that it aims to sell 1 million units of battery electric vehicles by 2025. The Ioniq vehicle was introduced in 2016.

Welcome to a new vehicle badge, auto spotters: Ioniq.

"IONIQ 5's designers took inspiration from the past and integrated it with cutting-edge parametric pixels, a unique design element that Hyundai designers will continue to incorporate into future IONIQ models", Hyundai said in a new statement.

In addition to being more integrated into their owners" lifestyles, Ioniq models may well be, in the longer term, at the sharp end of Hyundai's push to become a "mobility provider' - although it's believed that the current coronavirus pandemic has set back the rollout of smartphone-based auto sharing by as much as a decade.

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