Google Launches Pixel 4a, a $349 iPhone SE Competitor

Yolanda Curtis
August 4, 2020

(Pocket-lint) - The Google Pixel 4a is now official after what seems like many months of speculation about whether Google was actually going to launch this phone.

It may seem like an odd move announcing a better model of a device on the day it launched, but to us it makes ideal sense. Though this information comes with some good news and some bad news.

Google has officially unveiled the Pixel 4a, a new mid-range smartphone that may make you forget about buying a flagship device.

The Pixel 4A features a $349 price tag - $50 less than the iPhone SE - and will connect to 4G LTE networks. No orange or other fancy colour schemes this time round.

The Google Pixel 4a smartphone will be announced today. The Pixel 5 features a more premium metal frame, while the Pixel 4a apparently sports a plastic body. Its screen is one tenth of an inch bigger at 5.8 inches with a new hole-punch display, and Google promised a bigger battery to make up for the disappointing battery in the Pixel 4. Stereo speakers will also be included in this package, which is a nice addition by Google.

A fingerprint scanner will sit on the back as well, your regular capacitive fingerprint scanner.

The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL retailed at $799 and $899 in the United States respectively, but the Google Pixel 5 is expected to cost slightly less with a potential starting price of $699. The effect of this, however, is that there's no fancy face unlock - only Android's basic crappy one. You can see how these two phones compare right here. Whether this is true or not, we will find out today a little later. There appear to be no plans for a dedicated ultra-wide-angle camera, though. So no radar-powered gesture control, no specialised face unlock sensors, and so on. It does have Google's Titan M security module, though, which should keep your shit secure.

Obviously the Pixel 4a comes out of the box running Android 10, which is last year's version of Android. It will be called the Pixel 4a 5G, and it is expected to launch alongside the Pixel 5 5G later this year.

But this is a Pixel device, after all, and since it runs Google's stock brand of Android it means it'll be first on the list to receive Android 11 as soon as it starts rolling out to the general Android population. But I am disappointed that the phone is available only in black as I really liked the orange option introduced with the Pixel 4. You can expect it to be a bit more expensive in Europe, though.

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