Fortnite: What happened in 1984? Here’s why #freefortnite is trending on Twitter

Yolanda Curtis
August 14, 2020

Apple's original ad is set in a dystopia with a line of individuals marching in unison through a long tunnel.

Both Apple and Google have reportedly said that they are willing to work with the game developer in bringing Fortnite back to their stores and that the game was removed for violation of their respective policies.

The creator of games like "Unreal" and the "Infinity Blade" series filed for injunctive relief before the United States District Court in the Northern District of California, alleging anti-competitive practices by Apple and Google. The figure is giving a speech to celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives while a large group of audience, supposedly prisoners, watched without a hint of emotion.

UPDATE: Apple has now removed Fortnite from the App Store.

This move takes away Google's 30% cut on in-app purchases, which companies like Apple and Google are probably not fans of.

The documents show that Google also thwarted a deal between LG and Epic to pre-install the Epic Games app on its phones.

"Apple imposes unreasonable and unlawful restraints to completely monopolise both markets and prevent software developers from reaching the over one billion users of its mobile devices unless they go through a single store controlled by Apple", the suited contended.

Epic Games has not disclosed how many iOS users Fortnite has.

Nearly immediately, Epic filed an injunction against Apple, claiming that the company engaged in "unfair and anti-competitive actions" undertaken "to unlawfully maintain its monopoly" in the app market. This has resulted in a bunch requires regarding what happened in 1984, and it has also resulted in #freefortnite trending on Twitter.

The app's maker, Epic Games, introduced an in-game payment system that would allow users to pay directly for in-app purchases, circumventing the official payment systems put in place by Apple and Google in their app stores.

"Currently, when using Apple and Google payment options, Apple and Google collect a 30pc fee, and the up to 20pc price drop does not apply".

Meanwhile, Google too has since removed Fortnite from its PlayStore for similar reasons, Reuters reported.

Apple takes a cut of between 15-30 per cent for most app subscriptions and payments made inside apps. Furthermore, it claims that Google is tying the Google Play store to Google's in-store billing system.

A spokesperson for Google did not respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

The company is not seeking any monetary compensation from Apple for the losses that it has suffered and it is not seeking any special exception for just itself. However, with "Fortnite" no longer available for download on the App Store, it will be interesting to see if Epic Games will re-publish the game after removing its direct payment method or not.

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