Foreign press says journos being targeted in HK

Cheryl Sanders
August 6, 2020

"The Chinese Communist Party can not tolerate the free thinking of its own people, and increasingly is trying to extend its reach outside China's borders", Pompeo said in a statement. "The United States and other free nations will continue to protect our peoples from the long arm of Beijing's authoritarianism". In an accompanying tweet, Pompeo said that Washington "condemns the Chinese Communist Party's attempt to prosecute pro-democracy advocates resident outside of China, including in the United States".

"The most likely result - if China is serious about enforcing their own provision of the national security law prohibiting compliance with foreign sanctions - is that the banks will have to pick the U.S. or Hong Kong", said Julian Ku, a professor of constitutional and global law at New York-based Hofstra University, in an "AFP" report.

Chu moved to the U.S. 30 years ago and became a citizen in 1996. The world has seen the atrocities of how Hong Kong and Beijing governments treat the Hong Kongers and, one by one, countries are making a stand for freedom with Hong Kongers.

Non-interference in other countries' internal affairs is a basic norm governing global relations, and no country will allow other countries to flagrantly sabotage its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Wang said in the interview responding to the claim made by the United States that China has given up the "One Country, Two Systems" policy as it passed the national security law for HKSAR. "All these law enforcement actions are taken according to the law", Cui said in response to a question at the Aspen Security Forum. "If they are deemed to have violated the national security law they are vulnerable to prosecution by the Chinese authorities". "That's it. It doesn't matter what kind of political views they might have".

The draconian law is aimed at crushing dissent in the erstwhile British colony which saw massive pro-democracy protests previous year.

China promised key liberties and autonomy to Hong Kong ahead of Britain's handover, and the city has free press protections enshrined in law, something that has helped it become a regional media hub.

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