Epic Games Store Gets Achievements and Support for Mods

Yolanda Curtis
August 1, 2020

The next features coming to the Epic Games Store include a trending section in the store, mod support for games, add-on/DLC discovery and more. While the Epic Games Store is a hub that gamers have been gaming on for quite some time now, the ever-promised Achievements kept getting delayed and seemed like they would never release. Users have been expressing their disapproval due to the lack of forums, mod support, and most important of all, a simple shopping cart. A total style improve like this really speaks to the abilities and overall flexibility of making mods for MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries in the Unreal Engine!

MercTech by MagnumForceGB is a detailed overhaul of a lot of core mechanics associated to 'Mechs and the MechLab, introducing an array of new weapons, gear, and features encouraged by regular BattleTech programs and principles.

The TableTopRulez Lancemate and Enemy AI Mods by Oraeon1224 are expansions on the AI systems in MW5, bringing greater complexity and visible levels of intelligence to the in-mission AI. The company has been working on mod support since last summer.

MechWarrior 5 will provide as a test circumstance for Epic's mod integration. Mod support has been long asked for by the community, since mods are one of the most used features in the PC gaming community. Developer Piranha Games said, "We are extremely excited to announce that MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is the first game to participate in the Beta launch of Epic Games Store Mods!" We now know with certainty that ARK: Survival Evolved is supporting this new feature, but it is not yet clear which are the other titles that allow you to keep track of your progress.

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