Dr. Anthony Fauci Set to Join Gov. Lamont for COVID-19 Briefing

Cheryl Sanders
August 6, 2020

Drugmakers will likely have tens of millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines ready in the early part of next year, says top U.S. infectious diseases expert Anthony Fauci. "We have a pretty comprehensive portfolio that's going to subsequently be going into clinical trials".

Trump has suggested publicly that a vaccine could be ready long before the end of the year.

That will not happen because of any pressure to have a vaccine available in time for the November 3 presidential election, he said.

"Getting death threats for me and my family and harassing my daughters to the point where I have to get security is just, I mean, it's unbelievable", Fauci said.

The conclusion drawn by the nation's leading infectious disease expert contrasts with that of President Donald Trump, who on Wednesday said the virus will "go away". "It will go away like things go away".

Most recently, Dr. Anthony Fauci has been focused on the potential for a legitimate COVID-19 vaccine being made available in the near future, as well as offering his guidance to entire the country in regards to social distancing and the protective measures that he believes all citizens should take in order to mitigate the spread of the virus. "You can pick out some parts of the country that are looking good and you could say is under control; you could pick some parts of the country that are on fire, in the sense, I mean you're having outbreaks that you know you don't get 70,000 cases a day when nothing's going on".

The United States is committed to spending billions of dollars on vaccines being produced by companies including Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Inc, Pfizer Inc, Novavax Inc and Sanofi SA, employing a variety of technologies.

He also stressed that turning mask-wearing into a political issue wouldn't help control the outbreak but said it was a "step in the right direction" to see Trump and Vice President Pence encouraging people to wear them.

"We can do better without locking down", Fauci said.

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