Desi flavour to U.S. election, Kamala picked as Joe Biden’s running mate

Pablo Tucker
August 13, 2020

Native and local politics watchers seemed pleased for the most part with presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's announcement of Sen.

"And when I asked him 'where'd you get that?' He'd always talk about his dad", Harris said.

That said, "I certainly want to see Biden and Harris win", he said.

The Biden-Harris ticket already strikes a contrast with 2016, when nominee Hillary Clinton and running mate Tim Kaine struggled to unite a Democratic Party weakened by infighting between her supporters and those of progressive candidate Bernie Sanders.

Biden took shots at Trump, who earlier had described Harris as "nasty" and "mean". Wednesday, Biden and Harris formally addressed the nation from a Wilmington, Delaware high school gymnasium, practicing Coronavirus safety protocols.

But President Trump isn't the only one having a hard time. But throughout her career, progressives have chided Harris for not being progressive enough.

While both nominees emerged together and delivered sharp, on-point speeches that targeted Trump and called for a rebuilding of a broken nation, there was little in the way of body language to assess.

Trump himself picked up on their debate spat, saying on Tuesday that she was "very disrespectful" to Biden.

"It's not a surprise because whining is what Donald Trump does best, better than any president in American history".

"Her story's America's story", Mr Biden said.

She added: "As somebody who has presented my fair share of arguments in court, the case against Donald Trump and Mike Pence is open and shut". The former prosecutor, Ms Harris, compared Mr Trump's handling of the pandemic with Mr Obama's and Mr Biden's management of the much smaller Ebola outbreak in 2014.

Biden praised his vice presidential candidate as "smart" and "tough", adding that "her story is America's story", referring to her parent's immigrant roots.

He said Ms Harris was an inspiration to the country's young girls of colour.

Another "potential danger", he said, is that Harris is "so charismatic" and effective a political communicator that she could inadvertently highlight related shortcomings in Biden, who has been criticized as gaffe-prone and bland on the campaign trail.

Americans will choose their president on 3 November after the two candidates battle for votes.

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