Cryptic Call of Duty Warzone Messages Showing Up In-Game & Teases Something

Yolanda Curtis
August 9, 2020

Video game publisher Activision has started to send out mysterious crates to its global "Call of Duty" partners just in time as the highly-anticipated shooter is picking up the pace for its big reveal. You'll also receive a calling card and emblem too.

Charlie Intel said the numbers represent a serial number.

According to what emerged on Reddit, and on various Twitter accounts, the crates in question would be accompanied by a note that "advises" not to open everything until Monday 10 August at 12PM ET. There are also rumors that the Season 6 roadmap will include a "mid-season event" scheduled to happen at some point in the game, which lines up with the theory that the crates have something to do with the game itself. Call of Duty games are normally revealed much earlier in the year they release in, recommending Activision is attempting a new technique of marketing its next title, possibly using Warzone as a platform. Last month, a Doritos promotion printed the game's official logo and that the campaign would launch on October 5 until October 31.

Recently we learned that Call of Duty 2020 will be tightly integrated with Warzone, and that the game is in a playable state, and has been developed by Treyarch and Raven Software.

The game's install size will vary a little, I have seen some reporting their folders sitting at 201GB, while my own install of Modern Warfare is now 212GB.

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