COVID-19 outbreak among attendees of a Georgia camp

Henrietta Brewer
August 1, 2020

For research on disease transmission in a congregate setting SARS-CoV-2 Infections and Serologic Responses from a Sample of U.S. Navy Service Members - USS Theodore Roosevelt, April 2020.

In addition, campers engaged in a series of indoor and outdoor activities, including "vigorous singing and cheering", which the CDC said, "might have contributed to transmission" of the coronavirus. That's more than a third of the almost 600 Georgia residents who attended, according to the CDC's report.

In their analysis, researchers found that the overall "attack rate" was 44%, with counselors and staff reporting the highest rate at 56% due to their prolonged time at the camp.

In accordance to the report produced Friday, the outbreak at the camp identified only as "Camp A" indicates children "might play an critical objective in transmission". While campers began to be sent home that same day, the camp did not officially close until three days later, the CDC said. Younger children ages 6-10 had a rate of 51%, those ages 11-17 had a rate of 44%, and those ages 18-21 had a rate of 33%, the authors wrote in an early edition of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Cloth masks were required for staff members, though not campers, and the camp did not open doors and windows for increased ventilation, as recommended.

The average age of High Harbour's counselors and trainees was 17, while the average age of campers was 12, according to the CDC.

Five days after the start of orientation and 2 days after the start of the camp session, a teenage employee fell ill and left camp; the next day that individual was verified to have Covid-19 Officials started sending out campers house that day and closed the camp 3 days later on.

The continental disease control and prevention agency also stressed that some 556, 695 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered across the continent so far.

The attack rate is the total number of new cases divided by the total at-risk population.

Authors of the report noted the review was limited by its knowledge set, which didn't contain all the campers and thus could be lacking more similar situations.

"Correct and steady use of cloth masks, demanding cleaning and sanitizing, social distancing, and repeated hand-washing procedures, which are proposed in CDC's lately produced advice to reopen America's faculties, are vital to reduce transmission of the virus in settings involving kids and are our best instruments to stop covid-19", the statement study. Of the 100 who reported signs, those most typically reported were subjective or recorded fever, headache and aching throat.

"An ongoing investigation will further characterize specific exposures associated with infection, illness course, and any secondary transmission to household members", the group added.

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