Battletoads Xbox One and PC Game Will Debut in August 2020

Yolanda Curtis
August 2, 2020

The remaster of the original game is also now available to play on Game Pass via the Rare Replay collection.

Battletoads will drop on Xbox One and PC on August 20th. The targets of said destruction, are often the Dark Queen and her abominable allies, in action that takes place across a variety of beat 'em up, platforming, and racing stages.

The game's original developer, Rare, followed up the title with a few other entries. Today we finally have a launch date, as well as a new trailer for the gameplay and story.

In addition, the game is filled with cutscenes of the characters Zitz, Rash, and Pimple, cracking jokes through voice actors. The original game, developed by Rare and released in 1991, was a cult classic, and Microsoft confirmed its return at E3 a year ago.

Developed by Rare, the game promises to accommodate both newcomers and veterans to the series. So to make the game accessible to all, Dlala is going to include various difficulty settings. "Just like before, you'll be faced with hugely varied challenges as you play, including new vehicle sections and even some puzzle-solving this time around!" Battletoads will be launching for Xbox One and PC on 20th August, available via Xbox Game Pass. If you plan on playing Battletoads through Game Pass you can preload the game now so it will be ready to play on launch day.

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