YouTube TV Raises Prices From $50/Month to $65/Month

Andrew Cummings
July 1, 2020

The company announced its $15 price hike in a blog post on Tuesday.

The new price is in effect immediately for new customers, but while existing customers "will see these changes reflected in their subsequent billing cycle on or after July 30".

YouTube TV's first price at launch was $35, and the service has twice hiked rates before, first to $40 a month and past year in April to $50 a month.

The increases are due to the rising costs of programming for the streaming TV service as the pay TV industry collapses amid a rise in cord cutting - a trend now accelerating at even a faster pace due to the pandemic.

YouTube TV now provides more than 85 channels, including local TV stations in almost all US markets.

YouTube TV's price is going up because ViacomCBS channels BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Network, TV Land, and VH1 are finally being added. YouTube TV no longer offers in-app purchase options for subscribing, so the $65 price applies to all users.

But for YouTube TV's some 2 million subscribers, new additions aren't always welcome.

With its latest price hike, the monthly price for YouTube TV has nearly doubled since the service debuted three years ago. The service also introduced an option to select "Mark as Watched" on desktop and mobile devices for any TV show users have already seen and updated the Live Guide on desktop so users can see what's on now and also scroll ahead 7 days into the future. It now hosts more than 70 channels. Add-ons services like HBO MAX can be purchased, as well, and over 80 channels now come with the base package. This is, per TV Answer Man, a 30 percent increase from $49.99, an unusually large one-time price hike by the standards of the streaming world. The company said it had been testing a new feature that allows users to jump to various segments within select news programs and has just launched the feature for all users. The service also has a redesigned Live Guide on desktop to display programming that's now on and scroll ahead seven days.

"We don't take these decisions lightly, and realize how hard this is for our members", a post on YouTube's official blog said.

YouTube says they had to raise prices because the cost of content is rising. It provides a DVR with unlimited storage space, plus six accounts per household and up to three concurrent streams. It's now more expensive than Hulu with Live TV (50+), AT&T Now Plus (45+) and the base FuboTV plan (as many as 109 or so, depending on where you live), all of which cost $55/month.

The company also understands that not everyone is going to be able to accept this price hike, and pointed current subscribers who want to pause or cancel their subscriptions to this page.

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