Xbox Series S has faster CPU than PS5 and supports ray tracing

Yolanda Curtis
July 4, 2020

Xbox Series X is due out this holiday.

AMD's processor for the Xbox Series machines is a highly customized chip that began mass production early in first-half 2020, the sources said.

Moreover, Video Games Chronicles has supported these claims, noting that the event is now planned for Thursday, July 23.

This Xbox 20/20 event will premiere Halo Infinite gameplay, as confirmed back in May by 343 Studios over at the official Halo Waypoint blog.

The Summer Game Fest is doing what it can to bring the spirit of video game conventions to the stuck-at-home public.

As reported by The Verge, which has seen internal documentation on Lockhart, this console will have the same speed Zen 2 CPU as the Xbox Series X, but will make cutbacks on GPU and RAM.

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips claims in a recent post that the Series S reveal is now planned for August. Apparently codenamed "Lockhart", the second console has been assigned the name Xbox Series S on account of its supposedly lesser performance. The Series S will probably become the cheapest next-generation Xbox, an entry-level host.

July 27, the Summer Game Fest Demo Event will let Xbox One owners try out over 60 brand-new game demos for upcoming, unreleased Xbox One games, including Cris Tales, Destroy All Humans!, and Haven.

Starting on July 22, the Summer Games Fest Demo Event will allow players to check out early builds for a ton of games from their couches rather than a crowded convention centre. But again, maybe Microsoft will struggle to explain why it needs another next-gen console after praising the Xbox Series X's superior specs for so many months.

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