Why is Fortnite's Save the World leaving Early Access?

Yolanda Curtis
July 2, 2020

With a slower development cycle, Epic will transition to a new seasonal activity named Ventures (arrival tbc), which introduces paths of continual progression and new levels to climb. Epic announced today that both Save the World and Fortnite's massively popular Battle Royale modes would drop the legacy label, but that Save the World will remain a premium product rather than going free to play as had been the plan.

Originally, Fortnite Save the World was a premium title that launched in Early Access with a view to going free-to-play once it exited the program.

Epic said that over the next few months, cosmetics obtained in Battle Royale will not be supported in Save the World, but anything players have earned in Save the World will continue working in Battle Royale. Epic is insistent that "the adventure doesn't end here" for Save the World, and that "there are still adventures to be had". In an announcement today, Epic discussed the future of the game's Save the World mode, which has been nearly entirely overshadowed by its battle royale. All Founder's Pack owners will have their packs upgraded to the next level, while Ultimate Edition owners will get 8,000 V-Bucks and the Metal Team Leader Pack. "As we near the three-year anniversary of Fortnite and Save the World's release we wanted to share an update on our development plans". While the content for the Save the World campaign will now "slow down", and the main story is complete, the post states that "there are still adventures to be had" in seasonal events.

You can even unlock Supercharger materials that can raise the level of items beyond their current cap. "Continue battling the Husks in Twine Peaks, take on each Save the World seasonal event, or evolve your collection by completing each Venture's season... the choice is yours".

It all begins with the Metal Team Leader Pack, which contains a brand new hero and a series of challenges. However, the cosmetic contents of a new "Metal Team Leader Pack" that will be released on Thursday will be shared across Save the World, Battle Royale, and Creative. New quests and Heroes will come in slowly, while existing Heroes and Questlines will rotate in and out throughout each season.

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