Ubisoft Officially Unveils Free-to-Play Battle Royale Hyper Scape

Carla Harmon
July 3, 2020

Be it the pioneer PUBG or my favorite, Apex Legends, as it has fantastic movement and gunplay.

Ubisoft Montreal revealed its new battle royale genre first-person-shooter game and simultaneously launched its first public technical test, which quickly topped the charts on Twitch. The Hyper Scape Twitch page is already live with almost over 75,000 viewers, and there are a host of streamers with dedicated channels showing that they will be offering codes for those who viewers who watch their stream. There's a lot to explore here and find the flawless fit for your gameplay style.

How to enable Twitch drops for Hyper Scape’s Technical Test

"A brand-new urban battle royale begins today", stated a tweet on the official Hyper Scape account. If an enemy takes out your teammates in a close-combat fight, you can kill the enemy to see a respawn beacon appear at the location they were downed. In any case, you'll be able to watch the unveiling over at Ubisoft's Twitch channel at 19:00 BST / 14:00 EDT / 11:00 PST. It's just that no one would be around to bring you back to life if you are taken out by an enemy.

Hyper Scape also adds a fun new element, the crown, that can completely change the game's dynamic towards the end.

How to get access to Hyper Scape?

That should be everything you need to know! In the full game, viewers will also be able to unlock battle pass progression by watching people stream Hyper Scape, and even join the squad of their favourite streamers.

Ubisoft haven't shared a release date for when their Battle Royale game, Hyper Scape, is coming out. In the meantime though, there are tonnes of streamers who are already playing the game, and watching their feeds could land you an invite into the technical test.

Hyper Scape features unique (and dizzyingly quick) movement mechanics, popular battle royale aspects like a ping system and resurrections, and awesome viewer-voting Twitch integration that allows fans to influence the game live.

The technical test stage of Hyper Scape will last for more than five days.

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