Trump's Niece Book That Dubs Him "Dangerous Man" Blocked By Judge

Cheryl Sanders
July 3, 2020

Earlier, Robert Trump's lawyer, Charles Harder, said they would "vigorously" litigate the case over Mary Trump's "egregious conduct" but didn't make public comment about Wednesday's ruling.

More from the Washington Post: A description of the book from the publisher suggests it will draw heavily on her studies of family dysfunction, with Mary, who is 55, using her clinical background as a psychologist to dissect "a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse", including "the unusual and harmful relationship between" her late father and Donald Trump.

Mary Trump's upcoming book, Too Much and Never Enough, How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man, is due to be published on 28 July.

The president's brother, Robert S Trump, said the family agreed not to publish anything without everyone's consent.

Judge temporarily blocks publication of Mary Trump's tell-all book

A tell-all book by President Donald Trump's niece can not be published until a judge decides the merits of claims by the president's brother, Robert S Trump, that its publication would violate a pact among family members, a judge said on Tuesday.

The decision was made by Judge Hal B. Greenwald at the Dutchess County court just north of NY - a major setback to Mary, the daughter of the president's brother Fred Jr., who died in 1981 from alcoholism.

"We will immediately appeal".

In a statement, Simon & Schuster said it was gratified with the ruling, which it said would let Mary Trump tell her story.

In ruling, Scheinkman said people are free to negotiate away their First Amendment rights, especially if they are compensated well, which Robert Trump maintains that she was.

Mary's attorney vowed to immediately appeal.

Harder applauded the Tuesday decision, noting that "Robert Trump is very pleased with the New York Supreme Court's injunction against Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster" and adding that "the actions of Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster are truly reprehensible", the Daily Beast reported. The Trump family's lawsuit seeks ultimately to permanently prevent the book from ever being published, damages, costs, and other relief which may be proper.

"Thee New York Times's detailed analysis and investigation revealed for the first time that the valuations on which I had relied in entering into the settlement agreement, and which were used to determine my compensation under the agreement, were fraudulent", Mary Trump said in Thursday's filing. He added that he believed a similar finding was necessary for Mary Trump, "based on the First Amendment and basic contract law".

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton's "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir" became a bestseller, though the government is still suing Bolton for allegedly divulging classified information.

Lawyers for the president's younger brother Robert, 71, attempted to file papers last Tuesday in Queens County Surrogate's Court against Mary and her publisher Simon & Schuster.

Mary Trump is a trained psychologist who was reportedly a source for New York Times reporting on Trump family tax affairs and who has expressed opposition to her uncle on Twitter.

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