Trump accuses Biden of going radical left

Cheryl Sanders
July 16, 2020

Trump has said he may have to move the convention outdoors in light of the surge in coronavirus infections in the state.

At a virtual fundraiser on Monday evening, Biden spoke specifically about the sense of urgency he plans to bring on the issue of combating climate change if he unseats Trump in November.

Cue 2020, shaping up to be perhaps the most weird of presidential election years ever, and this time Democrats think they really do have a chance to snare Texas.

Biden used his speech to attack Trump over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and held his new plan in contrast with what he noted as a series of failed promises of infrastructure plans since Trump's 2016 campaign.

In a previously released plan for rural America, Biden specifically addressed the promotion of ethanol and next-generation biofuels, noting he believes renewable fuels are vital to the future of rural America-and the climate, and stressing that the generation of sustainable and next generation biofuels would be a top priority for his administration. "We could go on for days". "Worldwide, we need to engage our allies if we are to challenge China's emergence as the world's preeminent economic and political superpower", said Franken, who was once considered a possible 2020 presidential candidate.

At the start of July, the US Senate approved a final version of legislation that would punish China for moves that lawmakers fear will crush democratic freedoms in Hong Kong. "No special privileges, no special economic treatment and no export of sensitive technologies".

He expressed anger over China's inability to prevent the spread of the coronavirus out of the country, from where it originated. "Could have stopped it, they should have stopped", Trump said as he also lashed out at the World Health Organization (WHO) for siding with China on this issue.

Democrats have long dreamed (and spoken) of winning Texas in a presidential election, but it hasn't actually happened since 1976, when Jimmy Carter carried the Lone Star State over Gerald Ford.

The campaign also intends to release digital videos of Biden calling families in those four states.

"The American taxpayer should be reimbursed for the abuse of funds this spectacle represented", she added.

49 percent of Biden voters say they merely satisfied but not enthusiastic, 15 percent say dissatisfied but not upset and 3 percent say they are upset.

He seemed to take both of those recommendations to heart on Tuesday, decrying Biden's "entire" career as "a gift to the Chinese Communist Party".

On Wednesday, Trump criticised his challenger's approach, claiming: "Biden wants to massively regulate the energy economy, rejoin the Paris Climate accord, which would kill our energy totally and you'd have to close 25 percent of your businesses and kill oil and gas development".

Various components of Biden's overall presidential agenda target the low-priced production of renewable hydrogen, which can be manufactured from biogas; the development of new, sustainable fuels for use in aviation; and the use of agriculture-based advanced biofuels. Surveys by the National Institutes of Health have also found that asthma and lead poisoning rates are much higher among African-American children in the United States than white children, while a 2017 study by the Clean Air Task Force and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People found that oil and natural gas facilities are either built near or now exist within a half-mile of over one million African Americans. "So, this is an actual infrastructure week", another adviser argued, taking aim at the Trump administration's frequent celebrations of "infrastructure week".

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