Travelers to NY under quarantine must give contact information or face fine

Andrew Cummings
July 13, 2020

Press PLAY to watch LIVE. During that period, an average of 1,056 coronavirus nasal swab tests were given each day.

Cuomo announced on Friday that New York State will send the COVID-19 medication Remdesivir to Florida as the state struggles with a resurgence of cases.

The entire state has entered Phase Four of the New York Forward program with the exception of the New York City region which is in Phase Three.

Of the 62,418 tests conducted in New York State yesterday, 677, or 1.08 percent, were positive.

"It's all good news", Cuomo said.

"The opening of schools has to be driven by the local epidemiology of the virus", Shaw said.

He accused the president of ignoring science in a politically motivated push to reopen the economy too quickly. "We're not going to put our children in a place where they're in danger". Guidelines include the region must be in Phase 4 and the two-week average coronavirus infection rate is below 5% as of August 1.

Those percentages are based on a rolling 14-day average. He says between August 1 and the day that school opens, the data will continue to be monitored - if the infection rate goes over 9%, he says the school will not reopen. New York, on the other hand, has seen its numbers decrease since it began reopening. He says the first threat is lack of compliance with social distancing and wearing masks. The last time that happened in Central New York was May 7.

-Gov. Cuomo accused the Trump administration of "committing gross negligence" by "denying" the virus because it's "politically inconvenient" in an election year.

This was issued in late June, and now, Cuomo has issued an emergency health order mandating that out-of-state travelers from designated states under travel advisory provide local authorities with contact information upon entering NY, to help enforce the 14-day quarantine. The form will include information about where they are staying and where they have traveled from. For those who do not provide their contact information, they'll receive a summons immediately with a $2,000 fine.

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