Trans activist: JK Rowling is an enemy of progress

Carla Harmon
July 7, 2020

Meanwhile, transgender model and activist Munroe Bergdorf slammed the author in a series of tweets, labelling her "dangerous" and a "threat to LGBT people". We stand with Harry Potter fans in these communities, and while we don't condone the mistreatment JKR has received for airing her opinions about transgender people, we must reject her beliefs. "I'm not going to ignore this", Rowling tweeted on Sunday, in response to a tweet accusing her of calling people who take medication "lazy".

The websites cited J.K. Rowling's recent statements on transgender people for the move.

The fan sites, which together have more than one million Facebook followers, said they found it hard to speak out against Rowling because they had admired her work for so long, but said "it would be wrong not to use our platforms to counteract the harm she has caused".

The fan sites said they would no longer publish announcements of Rowling's personal achievements, including those related to her charity, Lumos; her photos or quotes (unless newsworthy) on the Wizarding World she has created, nor provide links to her personal website.

Rowling goes on to write about her "own mental health challenges", and expressed concern over young people with mental health issues "being shunted towards hormones and surgery when this may not be in their best interests", before tweeting about conversion therapy.

Trans people with hormone or any other affirmative treatment are having the exact opposite of conversion therapy - one gives people the tools to be their true self, the other attempts to break them down. "I did so recently in my essay "TERF Wars".

She continued, "The long-term health risks of cross-sex hormones have now been tracked over a lengthy period". These side-effects are often minimised or denied by trans activists.

Naturally, many people on social media castigated Rowling for her support of the apparently controversial tweet, and some even called into question her support of antidepressants for people with mental health issues.

She concluded, "None of that may trouble you or disturb your belief in your own righteousness. But if so, I can't pretend I care much about your bad opinion of me", Rowling declared.

She claimed she has been "empathetic to trans people for decades" and called accusations that she hates transgender people "nonsense".

"Not supporting a trans kids transition doesn't stop them from being trans. Intersex people exist and should not be forced to live in the binary", they said in their statement. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives.

Then in her 4,000 word essay she detailed her research and beliefs on transgender issues, including examples of where she thought demands by transgender activists were unsafe to women - which was widely criticized by LGBTQ advocacy groups as divisive and transphobic.

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