The People You Will Most Likely Bring in Your Quest Game

Cheryl Sanders
July 1, 2020

When you are nearing the days before your quest game begins, normally you will scour through all the streets of Calgary and Edmonton trying to find the perfect team. One person you will most likely bring is your partner. Besides, if you don't then this person will feel bad that you left her out of the team. She will ask a bunch of questions after the game and tell you that you underestimate her.


You will most likely tell her that it is Escape Hour, the most challenging escape room in the country. The problem is she will not see that as an excuse and the last thing you would want to happen is for her to be mad so she is certainly in the team. Another person who will definitely be in is your best friend. This guy will come up with a bunch of ideas when the quest game starts. Some of them are good while some of them are probably not that good. The point is you will most likely include this person in your team and you won't even mind doing so. There is nothing stronger than the bond of friendship.

One person who will definitely be in is someone you think of as a genius. This person will be the key in getting out of the escape room before time expires. The thing is we won't know what we will prepare for so you must prepare for the worst before putting all your belongings in the locker room. Always remember that is never part of the game as it is just a way to keep everyone safe. Winning is not the primary objecting in this game. It is all about having fun whether yow in or you lose.


When you all come out of the escape room with smiles on all your faces, you know the money you paid for the exit game was worth it. It was a great bonding experience and you will probably be excited about doing it again in the future. In addition, you know you would want to provide tips to people who may be interested in doing it. One side of you would give them false tips so you would throw them off. That would actually be a good prank and they will not mind since it is all part of the game. Now, you can just focus on the explanation for that.

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