The Last of Us Part II (Spoiler Review)

Yolanda Curtis
July 1, 2020

While the PlayStation 4 game has been lauded by critics, with much attention paid to its refreshingly honest portrayal of its queer lead, The Last of Us Part II's release has been muddied by harsh fan reviews.

The Last of Us Part II has finally arrived after 7 years of wondering and speculation about the open ending of the first game.

Under the art direction of lead character artist Ashley Swidowski, Alexandria created concept art based on the story pitch for the survival horror sequel, culminating in a final pitch presented to Naughty Dog. Separated from Maria, and bearing his own share of physical and mental scars, there is perhaps no one else in the world Ellie could relate to more.

Of course, the entire "The Last of Us Part 2" plot is much more complex than that.

"The thing I try to do is just ignore it as much as I can". During this half, we take control of the game's de facto antagonist, Abby, who was responsible for killing Joel. We hope you do, but can we really get you to understand them? The problem is that it's just not almost as interesting as Ellie's revenge quest.

Fortunately rather a lot of that is smoothed over by The Last of Us Part II's implausible stage design, worldbuilding, and gameplay mechanics. Attacks from all of your enemies pack a wallop, so players will have to think carefully about when, where, and whether to fight, stealth kill, or sneak around enemies. The environments themselves enable the participant to make use of any of these techniques however the sport all the time rewards the smarter strategy. You're required to go through every nook and cranny of every building in order to find the precious few bullets this world has to offer as well as other resources to craft additional items such as med packs and other weapons. The one draw back to that is that the sport does fall right into a bit of a repetitive sample of scavage sections that go proper into fight/stealth sections and so forth.

"You don't necessarily agree with what [Joel's] doing, but we saw that the majority of people understood what he's doing and now they're role-playing as him", Druckmann said.

There's one space the place the Last of Us sequel stays authentic, and that's its tackle zombies. Creatures just like the clickers are unsettling and disgusting to take a look at with runners remaining a continuing risk as a outcome of their pace. "Can we make you hate someone to such a degree that you want to hurt them in really awful ways for what they've done to you?"

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